Are Online Courses a Proper Replacement for Schools and Colleges?

  • One student felt she wasn’t getting even 10% of the regular classes.
  • One wrote, “I haven’t learned anything since we went online.”
  • Another said, “I did not feel challenged like I had been in the first half of the semester, and I felt the quality of learning had gone way down.”
  • Yet another: “I watched the lectures posted, but I wasn’t learning the material.”

What is the problem?





So… how are online courses any different?

  1. Higher retention (thanks to the usage of multiple formats)
  2. Less investment of time and money
  3. Wide selection of programs across the internet, right from your home
  4. Accessible (especially after Elon Musk’s Starlink project is complete!)
  5. Customizable

Live sessions

  • Zoom sessions started and ended at the same time, restoring discipline and consistency.
  • Live classes also allowed students to ask questions and engage in discussions.
  • In smaller classes of 8–10 people, there was proper individual attention given to students that built trust.

But you should still make your course!




Indian chilling in Dubai, writing scripts, and creating courses.

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Anamika Nair

Anamika Nair

Indian chilling in Dubai, writing scripts, and creating courses.

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