3 Animation Styles to Consider for Your Online Course

  1. Animation is attention-grabbing because constant motion on the screen makes viewers take notice and keep watching.
  2. Animations add emotions to visuals and make it easier for viewers to relate to.
  3. It’s more engaging and fun.

Whiteboard Animation

  • It’s simple
  • It’s memorable
  • It’s easy to make yourself
  • It’s versatile (good for everything from education to marketing videos)
  • It’s fun!

Character animation

  • It’s a good way to evoke emotions or give something a human touch by using body movements and facial expressions.
  • It’s a good way to tell a personal story or recount instances from real life when giving practical examples.
  • It acts as a replacement for a teacher or trainer.


  • Makes marketing more effective
  • Makes content easier to understand
  • It’s easily customizable to suit your brand tone, so you can choose how simple or busy you want it to look.




Indian chilling in Dubai, writing scripts, and creating courses.

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Anamika Nair

Anamika Nair

Indian chilling in Dubai, writing scripts, and creating courses.

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